Hurricane Season Leads to Yard Waste

Long time residents of Florida know that hurricane season has started. For the next few months Florida will go through its annual cycle of daily thunderstorms, tropical storms, and the occasional and infamous hurricane. Damage varies based on the strength of each storm, but there is always some debris leftover to clean up, especially for homeowners living in forested neighborhoods. Branches, leaves, and dirt get thrown all over the yard, making your lawn look more like the final scene of a Michael Bay action movie, than a residential yard.


Florida residents can be proactive in preparing for the inevitable storms. Here are a few things you can do to reduce the damage and debris this hurricane season:


  • Cut down loose branches. Look at your trees and find the dead or weak branches. Many branches that are at risk of falling can be taken out in advance. This prevents them from falling on yard appliances or cars when a large storm rolls through.
  • Remove weak or leaning trees. Hurricanes have high force winds that can knock down weak or already precariously leaning trees. And sometimes those trees fall right onto your house! Call professionals to remove these trees before they cause costly damage.
  • Remove any ornaments or appliances from the yard. When a storm is coming, take time to bring loose items inside. This prevents them from breaking on the lawn or becoming a deadly projectile to your home!


Once you’re done raking, mowing, and collecting all of the debris after a storm, call the professionals at Junk Angel to haul it away. We take the hassle out of the last step of yard work by taking and disposing of the debris you cleaned up from your yard. Now you don’t have to worry about getting your car or truck dirty with the debris after a storm. If you live in the Orlando area and have some junk that needs to be hauled away, contact us today to get a free quote.

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