Important Steps to Take in the First 24 Hours After a Flood

hurricane-harvey-2801135_1920The aftermath of a severe flood can be a heartbreaking and emotionally draining time for homeowners. With each passing hour, your home is at risk of sustaining further damage from toxic mold and other toxins contaminating the water. If your home was hit by a hurricane, you would likely need a dumpster rental for the clean-up. Junk Angel understands the difficulties of dealing with flooding, and we’re offering these helpful tips to assist you with the daunting task of cleaning and rebuilding.

Turn Off the Power

Before diving into recovery mode, remember to go to the circuit breaker and switch off the main power. Doing this stops electricity from connecting with water, which can cause life-threatening electric shock.

Take Plenty of Photos

When you’re able to go back to your home to survey the damage, you should bring a smartphone or a digital camera to take photographic evidence of the damage. Leave everything as it is, and spend the first hour or so snapping photos of structural damage, furnishings, and items you own. If possible, take a video of the damage. This documentation is crucial for your insurance and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) claims.

Call Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company as soon as you’ve documented the damages to your home. Ask them to send a claims adjuster to your home as quickly as possible. Report the losses you’re aware of, and let them know about any repairs you plan on making to your property. If possible, arrange for a contractor to meet with you and the claims adjustor so all of you can discuss rebuilding plans.

Secure a Dumpster

You have enough to worry about without the added burden of figuring out where you’re going to put all the junk that’s about to be thrown out. Renting a dumpster can easily help take care of this problem. Junk Angel has small to large dumpsters suitable for any clean-up job, and we’ll deliver it to your property quickly.

Sort and Dispose

There may be items that are salvageable among the junk, and you’ll want to save those as much as you can. Be sure to protect yourself with a pair of sturdy gloves, and then start sorting through everything. Put undamaged items in one pile and destroyed ones straight into the dumpster. Mold is a home’s worst enemy after a flood, so it is vital to remove and dispose of wet-wall sections, cabinets, and flooring to avoid the spread of toxic mold.

Flooding to your home causes all sorts of damage that requires a speedy clean-up. Thanks to the Orlando hassle-free dumpster rental process by Junk Angel, you can start cleaning up the mess faster while saving lots of money.

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