How to Improve Your Landscape After Yard Waste Removal

Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to the interior of your home. Thunderstorms and lack of regular maintenance will build clutter and debris, making your home look rather unwelcoming. It may not be fun, but it’s important to set aside some time and make your yard presentable again–not to mention, it will present a great opportunity to try and do something new to your yard.


After you spend several days or weekends cleaning your yard and receive a comprehensive yard waste removal treatment from an Orlando company, you will be left with a yard ready for some renovations. What you chose to do with your yard is up to you, but there are important factors that every homeowner should take into consideration before they start landscaping.


The main attraction to most yards will be the arranged plant life. Picking a variety of plants is important to make your yard stand out, and picking the right plants will help save you some backache later. For example, certain plants contain natural deterrents that will keep pests away, while others will help improve the surrounding air quality or meet medicinal purposes. Also, keep in mind the required care that each plant receives before committing to it. A careful plant selection can save you time, money, and stress.


Flowers are a beautiful addition to any yard; however the upkeep for flowers are different depending on their species.


  • Annual flowers. Annual flowers last for one season. Usually bright and showy throughout but will need to be replanted after a year.
  • Perennial flowers. These flowers last for about three growing seasons but have shorter blooming periods that will make them less showy throughout the year.
  • Biennial flowers. Biennial flowers grow for two seasons but will not bloom until their second growing year.


Taking these factors into account is important for arranging your landscape. Before buying or planting anything for your landscaping project, seek help from a professional. It may be a little extra from the start, but taking time to talk to a professional can save you more money and stress in the future.


Once you’re done cleaning your yard and finish up your landscaping project, you will be left with waste that needs to be disposed of. Call the professionals at Junk Angel to take care of all your yard waste removal needs in Orlando. Contact us today to receive a free quote on our disposal services.


What plant life do you have in your garden? Share your photos and tell us what you’ve used to renovate your newly cleaned yard.

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