Interesting Facts About Landfills

Every day, homeowners throw away their trash, knowing it’ll end up in a landfill somewhere. These landfills are thought of as endless pits that will just have plenty of room for all our garbage. But, it is what is being thrown in them that can be such a problem. Fortunately, our society has made a huge effort in learning what negative effects a landfill can have on the environment. Knowing a little more about them and taking that information to help decrease issues like pollution is vital in improving the environment. Junk Angel, an Orlando junk removal company, has taken the time to find some interesting facts about landfills so homeowners can understand a little more about them.

  • Landfills are by far one of the biggest reasons why there’s damage being done to the ozone. The ozone layer is being affected by gas emissions produced by waste or food products.
  • More than 75 percent of the items we throw away are comprised of inorganic materials and can’t be broken down into the soil. Without breaking down, these materials will only sit in landfills indefinitely.
  • Another major contributor to gas emissions is junk mail. Homeowners may not think junk mail creates too much trash throughout the year because it only comes in a few pieces at a time. But, over the course of a year, each household could receive up to nearly one thousand separate pieces of junk mail. When this isn’t recycled and instead is tossed in the trash, it will create harmful gasses to the environment.
  • Nearly two hundred million tons of items that could be recycled are thrown into landfills. Only about 33 percent of recyclable items, such as plastic, metal, and paper, are correctly discarded.
  • The amount of waste created each year is insurmountable and equates to roughly 250 million tons of trash. If that were broken down, it comes out to a little less than five pounds of trash per person in the United States.

Landfills can be useful when they’re used in the right way. It’s when items that could be recycled or otherwise reprocessed are thrown into the trash, that is when they become a problem. An Orlando junk removal service like Junk Angel knows all the best ways to dispose of all forms of trash. If you’re in need of removing any amount of junk from your home or business, call Junk Angel at 1-888-80ANGEL.

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