Is It a Hazardous Waste?

pexels-photo-571252Any hazardous material poses a serious health and safety risk to people, animals, and the natural environment. If you’re not sure if something should be in the hazardous waste pile, Junk Angel offers these helpful tips for identifying common household hazards.

Is It a Fire Risk?

Household items that are highly flammable should never be casually tossed in a trash pile. Whether it’s a flammable liquid or solid item, dispose of it with great care. Avoid dangerous mistakes by separating liquids containing gasoline, acetone, alcohol, and other flammable ingredients, because these can all ignite at a flash point of 140 degrees.

Compressed gases, oxidizers, or other items that can potentially burst into flames should be in a hazard pile.

Is It Corrosive?

Some substances deteriorate animal and human flesh and other materials upon contact. Many substances in the acid family are incredibly corrosive. Look for items containing common acids such as battery acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, and hydrochloric acid. When put into the wrong container, these acids can eat through the container and leak everywhere.

Is It Reactive?

Reactive waste can be a gas, liquid, or solid that is highly unstable and reacts violently to change but doesn’t explode, as well as anything that can potentially explode when directly touching water. Reactive items don’t have to be exposed to water to be dangerous, however, they can also be items that explode when stored at certain temperatures.

Is It Toxic?

All poisonous items are considered toxic. These are substances that poison animals, humans, soil, and groundwater. The Environmental Protection Agency identifies 60 toxic contaminants that are harmful.

If you need further help sorting household hazardous waste from regular waste, Junk Angel is happy to take this chore off your hands.

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