Items That Waste Management Won’t Pick Up From Your Home

When you need to get rid of old and unwanted junk it would be great to simply drag your items to the curb and wait for trash pickup to take them away. Unfortunately, whether you have private or public Orlando trash pickup, there are some items that trash collection organizations will not retrieve from your home. Even if they do pick these items up, it is often limited to one item per week.


Here is a list of items that most trash removal services will not pick up from your home:


  • Appliances: Refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves, and air conditioning units are often ignore–mostly because they are cumbersome to take from the curb. In addition, some of these appliances have special parts or dangerous chemicals that need to be specifically disposed of, and trash removal services are not prepared to properly handle these materials.
  • Electronics: Certain electronics have specific procedures in regards to disposal. These procedures are regulated by the local government and trash removal companies would rather not take the extra expense on themselves to dispose electronics.
  • Construction Debris: After renovating your home there is always leftover junk that needs to be taken away. Boards, drywall, concrete, and piping will not be picked up by trash removal companies.
  • Hot Tubs: Hot tubs are incredibly difficult to dispose of, and even if you get them to your curb, most trash pickup services will not take them because of their size.
  • Old or Broken Furniture: Unless you break up your furniture into smaller pieces, the likelihood of your garbage collector picking it up, is very slim. Couches, beds, and dining room tables are all too large.


If you have any of these items and you need to dispose them, contact Junk Angel for a free quote today. Along with expert junk removal, we also give you the option to donate your used items to someone who’s in need. You don’t even need to leave your items on the curb. We can dismantle, dispose, or donate of your old or broken items on your schedule. Visit our website today.

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