Where Your Junk Goes Next

Junk Angel takes the extra step above many other junk removal companies and takes time to sort and properly dispose of the various junk removed from your property. Other junk removal companies make one stop to the dump and call it quits for the day. We take time to sort the junk we remove to help keep the Earth green and sustainable. Recycling serves as an important way to contribute to this cause.


Recycling products cuts down on energy use, pollution creation, and resource consumption from making more from raw materials. Aluminum is one of the most used metals after steel, and it is estimated that recycling aluminum saves about 95% of the energy costs of making it from scratch. Plastic produces nasty petrochemical byproducts during its creation. In addition to saving energy, recycling plastic cuts down on the creation of these pollutants. Recycling wood based products, like paper, reduces the demand to cut down and use timber resources. The time and effort it takes to properly sort and recycle these materials is worth saving them from sitting in a landfill for decades on end.


Here in America, electronics are a significant aspect of everyone’s life. Eventually these products break or simply get replaced with new technology, and they need to find their way to the proper disposal facilities when they are done being used. Older electronics contain harmful materials like mercury and lead, which is toxic to humans. Recycling them prevents these harmful materials from being released into the environment where they can cause serious harm. Just like aluminum, recycling laptops helps to save energy and materials from the energy intensive process of manufacturing them. When you have an old phone, laptop, or TV you need to get rid of, try contacting or visiting a major reputable electronics dealer like Best Buy. Some Best Buy locations have even designated receptacles for you to dispose of your unwanted or broken electronics.


When you need help disposing of your unwanted junk and electronics, hire the environmentally mindful professionals at Junk Angel. Junk Angel, a junk disposal service in Orlando, will carefully go through your junk and take it all to the proper disposal facilities. Check out our website or call us today to receive a free quote on your junk removal needs.

Are you an environmental advocate? Share this post and tell us any of your recycling tips and tricks. What do you do to contribute to the care and conservation of the Earth?

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