Is Junk Removal a DIY Project?

For many homeowners, the idea of hiring an Orlando junk removal service may seem unnecessary. Why spend the money for someone else to get rid of your junk when you can do it yourself? The idea of junk removal seems simple, yet once the process begins, you may realize it’s a little more than you bargained for. Junk Angel understands the differences between when you may or may not require the services of junk removal professionals. When deciding whether you will try and take on your own junk removal, it’s best to think ahead and decide whether or not it’s a project you’re willing to see through all the way.


When doing your own junk removal, it’s best to understand it most likely won’t be free. When discarding large items, you’ll probably have to take them to a dump or landfill which will cost you a dumping fee and whatever gas it took for you to get there. As a matter of fact, any form of hauling your own junk away will cost you in gas fees. These fees may not be too much of a concern to you, but you still won’t be able to remove your junk for free; there’s always a cost somewhere.

Also, if you’re taking on a large junk removal project, you’ll need a place to throw all that trash until you’re ready to haul it away. For fast and efficient DIY junk removal, you’ll need to rent a dumpster which will add to your cost. You’ll also likely need to know the special disposal protocal for special items like large appliances or electronics. One thing you’ll be able to look forward when the entire project is done is knowing that you did it all yourself. Sometimes having that feeling of accomplishment makes the whole process worth it.

Professional Help

Yes, hiring an Orlando junk removal company will cost you money, but to some homeowners, it’s worth it. Starting the junk removal process may be easy at first, but as you get further into it, you begin to see how difficult it’s going to be to finish. Junk Angel’s professionals know the best ways to haul away your junk. From one large, bulky item to several smaller items, there’s no amount of junk they can’t handle.

It’s also important to consider any hazardous materials you may be discarding. Professional junk removal companies know what can and can’t be thrown away with standard trash, but you may not have any idea there’s a difference. For health and environmental concerns, it’s wise to see the value a professional service provides throughout the entire junk removal process. It will give you peace of mind you wouldn’t have doing it yourself.

Taking on junk removal as a DIY project can be a tiring process. If you know the amount of junk you need removed is too much for you to handle on your own, then go to the Orlando junk removal professionals at Junk Angel. Call us at 888-802-6435, and we’ll have our professionals hauling away your junk in no time.

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