Junk Removal: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

Whether they are moving to a new location or simply looking to clear up some space in their homes, do-it-yourselfers are always looking to save money. While they may be able to successfully move trash and unwanted appliances out of their homes, what will they do next? Most cities do not allow junk to be placed on the curb for trash pickup, so how do you get the junk properly disposed of? Professional Orlando junk removal companies have the knowledge and the means to properly dispose of all forms of junk, something do-it-yourselfers do not have.


Here are a few questions that do-it-yourselfers need to ask themselves if they plan on making their next home cleanup a DIY project:


  • Will the local trash pickup take care of it? Simply leaving junk on the curb to be picked up won’t guarantee that it will be gone in the morning. If you leave the junk there for too long, you may start to hear complaints from your neighbors or from your local homeowners’ association.  Avoid receiving hassle from the city, look into a professional.
  • Where should I bring it if trash pickup will not take care of it? Some items may have specific disposal requirements that your local garbage disposal company is incapable of, or prohibited from completing. Orlando junk removal professionals know the best or required locations to properly dispose of all kinds of junk.
  • Where should I rent a truck to haul the junk? There are a number of rental companies capable of providing a rental vehicle to transport your junk. With thorough research you will be able to find a rental company in your area, but at what cost? Not only will it cost you the time and money to move the junk, but there may be rules and regulations to how you can use that rental. Professionals already have the proper means to transport junk without rental constrictions.
  • What things should you save for recycling? Do-it-yourselfers might be surprised to find out what junk in their homes should be properly recycled instead of dumped with the rest of the junk. Things like CDs, batteries, corks, packing peanuts and even water filters are some common household things that are 100% recyclable.
  • Is the material in question hazardous? Certain appliances or materials may need special facilities to be properly and safely disposed of. Orlando junk removal professionals know how to identify and safely handle these materials.


DIY projects can be very fun and fulfilling, but there are some things that only professionals can efficiently accomplish. Instead of stressing over all the details, call Junk Angel to remove all of your unwanted junk. If you live in the Orlando area, visit our website or give us a call to get a quote today for all of your Orlando junk removal needs.


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