Keeping Your Kitchen De-Cluttered

The longer you live in the same home, the more stuff you collect over the years. This is especially true for items bought for and stored in the kitchen. Fancy appliances, colorful dishware, and shining utensils add up over time, and they take up more space in your kitchen as more are added. It goes without saying, having a cluttered kitchen can be a problem when you want to store and prepare food.


Because there are so many cabinets, it can be easy to accumulate tons of junk. Junk Angel is here to give you some tips on how to organize and keep your kitchen de-cluttered.


  • Sort out the miscellaneous drawer. Most people have a drawer in their kitchen dedicated to holding random items. Clean out the unwanted items and turn the drawer into a dedicated space for specific items to prevent a buildup of clutter in the future.
  • Plastic containers. Reusable and washable, plastic containers are the best friend of kitchen organization. They can easily store food and dormant kitchen supplies in a clean environment until they are used. Label markers can add another level of organization so you never have to worry about forgetting where you stored something.
  • Baskets. When it comes to storing items in the open parts of the kitchen, baskets are an aesthetically pleasing option. They can easily hold fruits, coffee cream, and napkins/towels.
  • Store or sell unused appliances. Take into account the appliances you don’t use or need anymore and move them into storage. If you believe you are done with the appliance for good, consider selling it to a friend or in a garage sale to get some extra cash.


If you have junk leftover from your kitchen organization project, the professionals at Junk Angel are here to haul it away for you. The professionals at Junk Angel have experience hauling away all kinds of junk from leftover garbage to large home appliances such as refrigerators. Contact us today to find out more about our services, including trash removal in Orlando.


How do you organize your kitchen? Share your kitchen organization tips with us and we’ll share them with our followers. Who knows, your tip could help them create the beautifully organized kitchen of their dreams.


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