Kids Off to College? Time to Clean Their Rooms!

bedroom-2288559_960_720The big day of leaving for college has come and gone, and now you have their room to clean. As you survey every inch of what used to be your child’s sanctuary, you’re probably wishing for an easy way to get rid of the junk. In a time like this, you can always turn to Junk Angel and our popular junk removal service.

Make it a Family Project

Kids may be away at college, but they still feel a strong connection to their room. Depending on your child, they, may have little or a lot to say about this cleaning project. If you plan to take your project a step further and remodel the room, you should be prepared for some resistance. Honestly communicating with your college student about your intentions and vision for their room ensures they know what to expect when they come home.

Creating a Guest Room

You may decide you want to turn a kid’s room into a guest room. This project can be done in a way that benefits you and your young-adult. A fresh coat of paint, a few updated furnishings, and nice decorative touches is all it takes to create a comfortable space for visiting family and friends. Include a few mementos from their childhood to maintain that familial bond.

Is it Treasure or Trash?

What may be trash to you may be a treasure to your kid, and vice versa, so it’s best to hash this out before touching anything. If you accidentally throw something away that means the world to your kid; you may never hear the end of it. If your child can’t decide what to keep or toss, you should box these items up and store them away until a firm decision is made.

Can Someone Else Use it?

If you come across some items that are in great condition, they are perfect for the recycling pile. This group of items can include things your child doesn’t really need more, or no one else in the house wants. You can make money by having a garage sale, giving these items away, or donating them to charity.

The Easy Way to Dump the Junk

Make your empty nest cleaning project easy by hiring an Orlando junk removal service company like Junk Angel. We’re convenient, affordable, and ready to help you clean that room.

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