Are You a Monica or a Rachel? Cleaning with Roommates

dishes-197_640Almost everyone was a fan of the long-running TV series Friends, that charming show about a bunch of quirky friends, some of whom were roommates. Orlando junk removal company, Junk Angel, offers a tongue-in-cheek checklist of “clean” characteristics for both Monica and Rachel so you can tell which fictional friend’s living style is more like your own—and, if your roommate is on a different level of clean, how to deal with the dichotomy.

You’re a Monica

You wouldn’t dream of leaving for work without making your bed. You have a dedicated spot for everything in your home, including a drawer just for ribbon. You’re so organized, in fact, that you can spot an item that’s out of place from across the room. After you vacuum your floors, you vacuum your vacuum. You created your own all-purpose cleaning spray that contains a “secret” ingredient you won’t disclose to anyone. Your toilet paper is perpetually folded into a neat point, just like at the best hotels.

You’re a Rachel

It’s your turn to take the trash out, but you don’t even know where to take it. Then, when you do find the trash compactor, you jam it with a pizza box again and get yelled at by the building super because he has to unjam it again. You sheepishly confess at the hospital emergency room that you don’t even have health insurance and need to “borrow” Monica’s. You normally live life right on the edge of impending disaster.

How to Bridge the Cleaning Gap

So, what do you do when your roommate’s idea of cleanliness differs markedly from yours? First, discuss it as adults. Convene a meeting if necessary. Divide your space into zones: yours, your roommate’s, and common areas. Divide up chores according to each person’s likes and dislikes. (Some people actually enjoy scrubbing shower tile.) Offer to do more cleaning chores in exchange for stuff you don’t like to do, such as grocery shopping or cooking. You could also pool your resources to hire a professional cleaning company.

Need More Help?

Once you and your roommates reach an agreement on how clean your shared space will be, maybe you can convince them to declutter too. Orlando junk removal company, Junk Angel, hauls away anything you need to dispose of, including furniture, exercise equipment, electronics, and appliances.

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