Moving Out: A How-To Guide on Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Junk Removal in OrlandoMoving to a new house or apartment is exciting, but when you’re renting, there’s often one thing on your mind — getting your security deposit back. In order to get that nice chunk of change back, you’ll need to clean and primp your old apartment before giving your landlord the keys. Though an experienced professional can help with junk removal in Orlando by hauling away trash and debris, you’ll still need to go through the unit thoroughly to have the best chance of getting your money back. Here are a few ways to help ensure that you get your deposit back when you move out.

Repair Obvious Damage

When you leave without fixing obvious problems like nail holes, peeling paint, or stains on the carpet, landlords will often withhold parts of the security deposit. Before you leave, take the time to repair any obvious signs of damage. Hire a professional carpet cleaning company to get rid of stains, repaint the walls that need a fresh coat, and patch holes from picture hooks with spackle. This reduces the amount of work your landlord has to put into preparing the unit for future tenants, earning you more of your deposit back.

Clean Thoroughly

You may not have noticed those dusty window ledges, but you can bet that your landlord will. Take the time to thoroughly clean the apartment. Scrub down the bathroom counters, toilet, and tub. Wash the windows in each room, and scour the oven until all residue is removed. Once you’re done, gather your trash and have it hauled away. Make sure you pick up each paper towel, rag, and empty cleaner bottle before vacating the property. If you leave trash behind, your landlord may dock your deposit.

Remove All of Your Stuff

If your landlord has to hire a junk removal team to remove your old furniture, yard care equipment, or piles of stuff, you can bet you won’t see much of your security deposit. Save yourself the frustration of a disappointing refund by removing all of your belongings and junk before giving your landlord the keys. You don’t even have to deal with it on your own; let an experienced junk removal team get rid of that broken couch, busted television, and 15-year old computer for you.

At Junk Angel, we’re here to help you streamline your move so that you can enjoy your security deposit refund happily. Let our experts haul away your junk removal in Orlando. Schedule an appointment today.

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