What to Do When You Need to Dispose of Large Quantities of Food Immediately

frozen-food-1336013_960_720After a major storm, your business may have more than just debris to clean up, but also food to dispose of. If you have a large quantity of food waste that won’t fit in your standard garbage method, then you should look into getting a dumpster rental.

Lots of Space

Junk Angel dumpsters have a big space advantage over those standard dumpsters provided for rental buildings, they are also affordable to rent and accommodate any food quantity. You can choose from a 12-cubic to 15-cubic yard dumpster. Each is useful for tossing away unwanted food items in bulk and quickly get it hauled off with Junk Angel’s same day service.

Eco-Friendly Waste Handling

These days, many businesses are seeking eco-friendly waste disposal solutions. Fresh food naturally rots, and once it starts breaking down, it releases methane gas into the air, contributing to the dangerous greenhouse gasses. By using Junk Angel dumpsters, you can implement safe, environmentally-friendly food disposal methods that ensure harmful gasses are properly contained, and the food waste is quickly taken away.

No-Hassle Disposal

A Junk Angel dumpster rental is a great, no-hassle way to completely dispose of food because we do all the hauling for you. Simply tell us which days you’d like us to pick-up your junk and we’ll gladly do the work. If you need an ongoing food disposal solution, we can replace full dumpsters with empty ones, making the whole process effortless.

Junk Angel is a family owned and operated business in Orlando, Florida. We provide Orlando dumpster rentals and disposal services for both residential areas and commercial business. Our licensed and insured removal experts will provide you with a superior and courteous customer service for less! Get free estimates, same day as well as weekend and evening removal by calling us today at 1-888-80ANGEL (26435) or by submitting your service request form online.

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