Office De-Junking 101

Office junk removal has become a necessity for businesses over time. Each business has old, large items they’re ready to get rid of and update their office with new pieces of furniture. The biggest obstacle to overcome, though, is knowing what should be done before you’ve paid for an Orlando junk removal business starts their work. Luckily, there is a process customers can follow to ensure they have everything in order before committing to a contract.

  1. Look for a quote that’s established from the beginning. Some businesses may take advantage of customers by adding more costs if they decide there are more items to be removed than originally estimated.
  2. Make sure they have a good insurance policy. If they don’t have this and are forced to stop working because they aren’t insured, it will increase your costs as you will need to find another business.
  3. The price will also be affected if the removal team can only work at night after regular business hours have ended. There are many office buildings that prohibit teams from working during the day and must work at night or on the weekend.
  4. If certain areas, such freight elevators or loading docks, must be accessed to remove large items, it’s critical that this is taken care of before your Orlando junk removal team arrives.
  5. If a lock can be acquired for the elevator to keep it from stopping randomly at multiple floors, this would greatly increase the efficiency of the removal team and ultimately cut down on your overall cost.
  6. The more information you give the removal service, the better. If there aren’t places nearby for the team to park, notifying them about this problem ahead of time will allow the team to devise a plan to overcome this issue beforehand.
  7. Always make sure you’ve assigned the right person to be on site when the team shows up for the removal service. It’s better to be safe and have someone from the company there to supervise the team, ensuring the all the right items are removed.

Removing junk from an office can be made easy with the right knowledge and preparations done ahead of time. Junk Angel, an Orlando junk removal company, offers the best service in office appliance and furniture removal. If you want your business to receive the best junk removal service, then call us at 1-888-80ANGEL today.

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