One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

It’s a common phrase we hear when people say when they venture into flea markets and garage sales. People will sell their junk and unwanted items at low prices that may actually have a higher value to someone else. In rare cases, people will sell or even throw out seemingly innocuous items that actually carry a high monetary value. While we don’t think that we have come across any treasures like this as an Orlando junk removal company, we would love to think that maybe one day we will come across a long-lost Monet!

Here are some of the most interesting examples of trash being treasure:

  • Ancient Mayan Artifacts – Nick DiMola was on the job as a junk hauler when he came across a cardboard barrel. Thinking it was simply trash, he stored it away in a warehouse for several years without a second thought. He finally decided to take a look inside and found that the barrel was full of ancient Mayan artifacts dating between 300 B.C. and 500 A.D. The overall value of the artifacts was estimated to be about $16,500!
  • Sealed Riches – storage units are usually auctioned off if the tenant does not pay the rent for three months. Most of the time they are filled with nothing of particular value but other times they can be filled with real treasure. A man in San Jose found that out when the storage unit he bid for was filled with $500,000 in gold bars, silver, and old coins!
  • Hidden Documents – flea markets are an ideal place to find hidden treasures. A man in Pennsylvania found that out when he bought a painting for $4 in hopes of restoring the frame. After taking out the painting he found one of the 24 known copies of the Declaration of Independence, and then sold it for over 2 million dollars!
  • Lost Art – Elizabeth Gibson found a colorful painting waiting to be picked up by garbage collectors on the side of the road. She decided to take it and make it a part of home, not knowing exactly what she had found until a few years later. The piece was a lost work of art called “Tres Personajes” and was sold to auction for over 1 million dollars!

If you need an Orlando junk removal company to remove the junk in your home that no man could call a treasure, call the professionals at Junk Angel at 1-888-80ANGEL to haul them away. We have been in the business of junk removal for year and always leave our customers with a satisfied smile.


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