Organization: Left Brain vs. Right Brain

When we live in the same place for a long period of time, we develop routines that determine our day-to-day activities. This includes the habits that determine how we chose to organize our homes. Organization is a matter of personal preference. However, some of our actions are steered not just by our personal routines, but by what side of the brain we think with more.

The brain is divided into two hemispheres: the left and the right. Each hemisphere has its own way of processing and perceiving information.


The Right Brain


Research shows that people who are right-brain oriented tend to be more visual. They look at the big picture when it comes to organization instead of focusing on the little details. To an outsider, their organizational habits may seem scattered and won’t make a lot of sense but to a right-brained individual, it makes perfect sense.


Examples of ways right-brain oriented people base their organizational habits:


  • Choosing color schemes that are vibrant and visually pleasing
  • Moving things around a lot–it’s never in the right place and routine is boring
  • Leaving items of interest out until they are done with them
  • Keeping a lot of unneeded and decorative objects around the house
  • Completely content with last minute changes and spontaneous plans


The Left Brain


Left-brain oriented people prefer a more traditional approach to organizing their space. They prefer to make lists and designate clear places for each item, making their methods more calculated and planned out. Outsiders walking into the home of someone left-brain oriented will be able to recognize their organizational patterns more easily.


Examples of ways left-brain oriented people base their organizational habits:


  • Putting items away until they are needed again–nothing ever remains out
  • Preferring consistent and symmetrical design schemes
  • Wearing similar clothing and ordering consistent dishes at restaurants
  • Having designated locations for the items in the house


Whether you’re right-brained, and your house is filled with useless knick knacks that need to be thrown out, or left-brained, experiencing severe anxiety from that little bit of clutter in the dining room, you could use the assistance of a professional junk removal company. At Junk Angel, we’re capable of handling junk removal needs of all shapes and sizes. Call us today to receive a quote.


Are you a right-brained or left-brained individual? Which one of these habits applies more to you and how do you remove junk from your home?

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