Organize Your Garage

ethan-cole-384045-unsplashIt’s a rite of springtime: cleaning out the garage. With a firm plan in mind, you can clean and organize your garage in a single weekend. Then, with systems in place, you can maintain a junk-free zone that’s easier to keep organized in the future. Here are some tips from Orlando junk removal company, Junk Angel, to get it done.

Pick the Right Time

Set aside an entire day or weekend when good weather is in the forecast. Unless you have a shed or other outdoor structure to temporarily store the contents of your garage as you empty it, you’ll have to keep everything outside until it’s ready to go back inside again.

Install Storage Systems

A storage system that works for you will help you stay organized, so spending days cleaning out your garage will be a thing of the past. Choose from dozens of storage systems, from slats that accommodate hooks and baskets to old-fashioned pegboards. Or, keep it simple with metal or wood shelves and bins.

Use Every Spare Inch

Buy shelving that reaches to the ceiling. Make use of the empty space above garage doors by mounting shelves or sturdy baskets to the ceiling to hold large items such as canoes, skis, and tents. You can also store smaller items in the empty space between ceiling joists by attaching wire shelving to the undersides of the joists.

Keep Everything Visible

Storing items on open shelving instead of behind cabinet doors will motivate you to keep things tidy. The exception to this? Keep chemicals, firearms, saws, knives, and other hazards locked in sturdy cabinets to keep children safe.


Get everything off the floor. This will free up space to accommodate cars, as well as loading and unloading them. Situate cabinets, shelving units, and bins on narrow ledges or legs so you can clean beneath them.

Paint or Epoxy the Floor

With everything out of the garage, now is the perfect opportunity to paint the garage floor or apply an epoxy coating. You can thoroughly sweep and pressure-wash the floor to prep for a floor treatment that will resist oil, water, and stains and be easier to keep clean in the future.

Keep Junk Out

Now is the time to discard everything you no longer need or use that is taking up valuable space: outgrown toys and bikes, discarded sports gear, excess tools, and projects you know you’ll never finish. Give away what is still useful, and trash the rest.

Need Help with Junk Removal?

company, Junk Angel, has dumpsters available in the right size at the right price when you’re ready to organize your garage and dump the junk.

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