Organizing Your Child’s Room

It’s the time of year that kids look forward to the most: summer! The beautiful summer months allow children to get away from school and do things without worrying about homework or tests. With all the fun going on, its hard to imagine that they will take the time to slow down and take care of their own living space. That’s why it is up to you, their parents, to find ways to persuade them to get organized without making it seem like you are oppressing them with work during their precious vacation time.

Kids’ rooms are particularly difficult to organize because they have so much stuff! Toys, clothing, games, and other trinkets are usually found scattered around the room with no attempt at organization. Some kids try to rationalize that this is just their way of staying organized, but it’s time to show them a better way. Help them take care of their items categorically, and help them understand that staying organized will make it easier to find the things that they want to play with in the future.

One way to help them get organized in a fun way is to use labels. Giving your kids a chance to create their own colorful labels gets them excited about using the labels to stay organized. Label their drawers, closet space, and boxes in their room to designate areas for their clothes and toys. Help to make this and other cleaning/organizational activities a routine so it becomes a habit that will stay with them when they live on their own. While you and your child work together to organize the room, don’t forget to sort through and throw out old junk that is no longer used or wanted. This will teach your child that they don’t have to keep everything, and it’ll make organizing what is left much easier.

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