Organizing Your Estate After the Death of a Loved One

While death is a natural part of life, the passing of a loved one can take a heavy toll on those who were closest to them. After they are laid to rest, there is still the task of handling their estate. Being in the place where a loved one once lived and sorting through their items can be difficult.


Here are some steps from Junk Angel–your trusted company for furniture removal in Orlando–you can take to make the process as easy as possible:


  • Make three piles. The first pile is for items that you and your family would like to keep–items such as photographs, jewelry, and other mementos. The second pile includes items that will be discarded or donated. These items include furniture, old clothing, stored newspapers, and other unneeded household items. The last pile is for items that you don’t feel comfortable making an absolute decision about–your siblings may want it or you just can’t bring yourself to throw it out–these items are the most difficult to sort. Let the whole family have their say but don’t dwell on it too long. If no one wants it, donate it to someone who needs it or put it into a storage facility.
  • Take immediate action. Once the items are sorted, don’t wait to take care of them accordingly. Divvy up the items you have decided to keep and arrange to have the other items thrown out or transported to an appropriate donation facility.
  • Take advantage of storage. This is a difficult process, so don’t feel obligated to make final decisions about everything. There will be items that no one can make a final decision about, and that’s okay. If possible, put the items in the “indecisive” pile in storage until you and your family have the chance to go through them together.
  • Don’t force yourself. Although a physically simple task on its own, the mental weight of sorting the items of a loved one can be exhausting. Take a break if it becomes overwhelming, and remember that the memories of your loved ones will always be with you, even if all their old possessions are not.


The experts at Junk Angel can help you seek appropriate discard and donation centers, and can help you with the heavy lifting when you need furniture removal in Orlando. Don’t go through this tough time alone. If a friend or loved one has recently suffered a loss, be sure to pass this message on to them and be there in their time of need.


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