Organizing Holiday Decor

During this holiday season, you may have realized, as you’re unpacking your festive decor, that it isn’t as organized as you’d like it. Many homeowners know they’d prefer to keep their decorations neatly packed for the next year, but doing so can be such a hassle if you don’t have the time or knowledge of better ways to quickly and efficiently put them away. Fortunately, Junk Angel, a top Orlando junk removal company, has gathered some tips that will make this process easier for you.

Save Original Packaging

A major issue homeowners deal with when they’re unpacking their ornaments from the previous year is discovering they’re dented, broken, or dirty. The best way to avoid this is by saving the packaging you purchased the items in. If the original box isn’t available, using a cardboard box with sectioned off spaces will help store multiple ornaments safely in one place. For any ornaments that may be smaller than most, reusing an egg carton is the perfect way to prevent losing them. Whatever tissue paper you may have collected from gifts can be used to stuff around the ornaments, and if tissue paper isn’t available, newspaper works well too.

Seal Craft Decorations

Homeowners with children know all too well how messy old school project ornaments or decorations can get the longer you have them. Whether they’re made with macaroni, glitter, or something else, it’s inevitable that they’ll start to fall apart. Using sandwich bags to store these items not only keeps those materials from getting on other items, but also keeps humidity out and extends their longevity.

Wrap Stringed Lights

Probably the biggest fiasco Orlando junk removal companies know homeowners deal with each year is untangling their lights from the year before. There’s actually a simple way to avoid dealing with this by packing them in a concise, organized manner. If you have an empty coffee can, oatmeal container, or any form of cylindrical item with a plastic lid, you can wrap the lights tightly around it and push the plug through a cut slit on the lid to help keep the lights in place. Once they’re wrapped, the inside of the can be used to store extra bulbs and any cords small enough to fit inside.

The number of decorations homeowners acquire over the years constantly builds to the point where it becomes time-consuming and tedious to pack them, but taking a little extra time to safely store and secure fragile or difficult items will greatly help you for the next year. If you decide as you’re packing your decorations that you no longer need some of the larger ones and don’t have a way to discard them, contact Junk Angel, an Orlando junk removal company, at 1-888-80ANGEL.

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