Organizing a Small Space

joseph-albanese-102983-unsplashLiving tiny has its advantages. There’s less house to heat and cool, cleaning takes a shorter amount of time, and your utility bills will likely be lower. However wonderful it may be, living in small spaces makes staying organized a real challenge. While downsizing your stuff with help from the Orlando trash removal team at Junk Angel will help you declutter your home, you’ll still want to take the time to organize the things you keep. Here are a few tips to help you maximize space in your small home.

Don’t Wait to Declutter

Sometimes, you buy things you think you’ll need only to discover that they’re not as useful as you thought. Often, these items get stashed in closets, garages, cabinets, and boxes, taking up valuable space. The moment you start to feel like you have too much stuff, start getting rid of the items you no longer need. This will keep you from stockpiling junk and help streamline your home organization efforts throughout the year.

Focus On Vertical Storage

In many small homes and apartments, storage space is at a premium. Rather than relying on the few closets and cabinets you have, add shelving to make use of empty wall space. If your landlord allows it, mount the shelves to the wall. If not, use items like bookshelves and metal standing shelves to give yourself more available storage. If you want to create a tidy appearance, house items in decorative baskets and bins rather than bare on the shelf.

Be Picky About What You Buy and Bring Home

It’s easy to get carried away by a great deal, but when you live in a small space, bringing items into your home that aren’t necessary only creates chaos. Instead of bringing home every item that seems even the slightest bit appealing, be picky about the items you purchase. If it’s something that you’ll use time and time again, go ahead and buy it. If it’s a single-use item that will only take up valuable storage space, think twice before bringing it home.

Get Help When You Need It

Staying organized is easy when you have less stuff cluttering your already tight living quarters. Spare yourself the stress of hauling away unwanted junk yourself and schedule an appointment with Junk Angel. Call 1-888-80ANGEL to schedule an estimate with Orlando’s trash removal pros.

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