Organizing Tips for Left and Right Brainers

brain-951871_1920The way people generally organize their things has a lot to do with what brain type they are. The layout of one’s things can be rather different when comparing a right-brained person with a left-brained one. One side of the brain is usually dominant over the other, and the way that person organizes can easily show just what brain type you are. Orlando junk removal companies like Junk Angel have seen all kinds of disorganization and know how quickly it can get out of hand. That’s why it’s important to know how to organize using your strengths. Using your dominant brain side will only help you improve your organizational skills.

Right Dominant: People who are more prone to right-brain thinking are typically more creative and visual. Keeping things out while organizing them is helpful as they prefer to know the files or items they need are visible and easily accessible. Creating files with color tabs while keeping those files out will improve the visual memory of each file. By doing this, right-brained thinkers won’t find the need to make stacks of important papers, and, instead, will assign each document to an appropriate place.

Left Dominant: Considering how right and left of opposites, it’s obvious that left-brained thinkers would prefer their things put away and hidden from view. Items are usually placed in a spot where it makes sense to find them in the future. File cabinets or drawers installed with dividers are helpful tools for left-dominant people. Labeling folders either numerically or alphabetically will improve organization even more.

Best of Both Worlds: In cases where keeping things organized isn’t just limited to one individual, it’s wise to take into consideration that both right- and left-brained people may cross paths and need information that’s been filed away. That’s why the Orlando junk removal specialists at Junk Angel suggests combining organization strengths from both types of thinkers will hopefully allow everyone to find what they’re looking for without compromising how each person’s brain processes where certain things should be. So using the color method for right-brained thinkers and concealing the items in a file cabinet for the left-brained thinkers combines the two in a way any person can be happy with.

Keeping everything neatly organized allows everyone to ensure there’s a place for everything they have and keeps them from getting overwhelmed with junk they don’t know what to do with or how to begin cleaning up. Organizing saves you the time in having to find an Orlando junk removal business to clear out your things for you. But in cases where things have already gotten too far out of hand and professional help is needed, call Junk Angel at 1-888-80ANGEL, and your mess will be taken care of for you quickly.

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