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alfonso-navarro-693886-unsplashCleaning out your home, office, or storage unit can be tricky business. Things have a way of piling up, and the tasks required to restore your space to its former glory can feel almost impossible. At Junk Angel, we believe that no one should have to handle their own Orlando junk removal project alone. No job is too big or too small for our experts, and we’re proud to offer the following services.

Appliance and Electronics Removal

Even the best appliances and electronics need to be replaced now and then, but once the new model is installed, what do you do with the old one? Electronics can’t simply be tossed in the dump — they need to be properly disposed of. At Junk Angel, we’ll haul away your old and unwanted appliances and electronics.

Debris & Yard Waste Removal

Have an extensive landscaping project or want to clean up your yard after a severe tropical storm or hurricane? Simply pile up the debris and we’ll haul it away. You’ll be left with a clean yard and none of the work of hauling broken tree limbs to the dump.

Furniture Removal

Old furniture often can’t be donated to charity when you’re done with it. Instead, let the Orlando junk removal experts haul it away for you. We’ll handle the heavy lifting and transportation — no need to beg friends for help or rent a large enough truck to carry your furniture.

Trash and Junk Removal

Whether you’re spring cleaning or cleaning out a house for a loved one, there’s bound to be a lot of trash and junk lying around. Instead of multiple trips to the dump, let us haul it away. Worried about the size of the job? We offer dumpster rentals to make it as easy as possible. Just fill the dumpster and give us a call when you’re ready to have it hauled away.

Foreclosure Cleanout and Junk Removal

Going through foreclosure is stressful, but cleaning out the house before the bank takes possession can be even harder. At Junk Angel, we’ll help you clean out those forgotten areas of the home like the garage, attic, basement, and storage sheds to reduce the burden on the coming move.

If you’re in need of help getting rid of junk, debris, trash, and waste around your home, contact the Orlando junk removal experts at Junk Angel today.

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