Overhauling Your House Landscape

20160823_090825-300x225For homeowners, landscaping can be one of those tasks most avoid due to the amount of physical work it entails. However, if the process is done right, that amount of work and energy can easily be minimized. With the help of Junk Angel’s Orlando temporary dumpster rentals, you can make the process a little easier on you. Their experts have laid out tips to get started on your landscaping haul.


Plan Ahead
As with most projects, the ones you take the time to plan what you want and how you want it will help improve the progress of your landscaping. Although planning doesn’t have to do with any of the physical work involved with landscaping, it’s still a vital part of the process. You aren’t going to want to have to redo something, especially when it comes to outdoor physical work in the hot Florida sun. It’s important to remember you shouldn’t have to take three steps if two will suffice.


Remove the Large Junk
When removing all the large stuff, you’ll quickly realize how fast it piles up. Rotten tree stumps, heavy rocks, and random concrete pieces are bound to get in your way and will need to be handled. Taking them one at a time down to your curb isn’t the most efficient method to handle this debris. You’ll exhaust yourself and run out of room for yard waste pickup at the curb. By renting an Orlando temporary dumpster rental, you can have it placed near the site of your landscaping and decrease the distance it takes to throw them away. Even if you happen to fill up the dumpster, it can be retrieved and emptied for you quickly by Junk Angel. Our flexibility and commitment to be available when you need us allow you to continue your project with little interruption in the removal process.


Finish with the Small Stuff
Once you’ve removed all large items, focus on the smaller ones like weeds and grass clippings. You’re bound to have multiple bags of yard waste and tossing them into your dumpster rental is the best way to handle their removal.


Junk Angel offers Orlando temporary dumpster rentals to residents for projects like these because we understand how difficult they can be without one. If you’re starting a landscaping project soon and know you’ll need a dumpster rental, contact Junk Angel at 1-888-80ANGEL for prompt and quality service.

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