How Your Personality Type Affects Your Cleaning Habits

broom-1837434_640Personality often plays a role in how you approach things, especially when it comes to cleaning. The team at Junk Angel examined how personality types determine tolerance levels for clutter. Take the quiz here to find your type!

Different Types

According to Meyers-Briggs, there are 16 personality types created by combinations of four categories, all represented by letters. Your type takes into account your mind, energy, nature, and tactics. It also analyzes identity.

Types are further broken down into roles and strategies. There are four roles: Sentinels (_S_J), Diplomats (_NF_), Analysts (_NT_), and Explorers (_S_P).

Top Priorities: Each Type

Sentinels are bound and determined to properly organize, using logic to ensure everything is structured to make perfect sense. On the other hand, Diplomats and Analysts are not typically neat freaks. They are more concerned about their internal world than their external environment. Explorers are the least likely to keep a structured home. Spontaneity is their first priority, and it’s difficult to live impulsively when burdened by chores.


Structure, logic, and order are a Sentinel’s best friend. They are detail-driven and maximize their space’s efficiency and functionality through organization. ESFJs are the biggest sticklers for cleanliness; as caregivers, a clean home helps ensure the comfort of their guests. ISTJs also prefer a clean environment, but it’s to calm their mind, help them think straight, and increase their productivity.

Analysts and Diplomats

An Analyst commander, or ENTJ, thrives in a home with lots of order and structure. Commanders effortlessly transform chaos into structure. However, Logicians, or INTPs, don’t prioritize cleanliness. They are the second least likely personality type to put effort into a clean space.

Those with strong empathy may be a Diplomat personality, and Diplomats tend to desire clean homes that create a comforting environment for others. However, if you’re an ENFP or INFP, you may postpone cleaning in favor of other activities.


Explorers are the most unlikely to view cleaning as a necessary or enjoyable project. ESFPs are the most prone to keeping a clean home; however, it’s in order to entertain guests, and it’s more important that their space is beautiful and exciting rather than orderly. The least-organized personality type is actually an Explorer or ISTP. They’re interested in decorating to display their passions, regardless of whether the space looks dirty or disorganized to others.

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