How to Pest-Proof Your Trash

Residents living in Central Florida have probably been the victim of overturned trash by an anonymous pest at least once. The feeling is frustrating and immediately makes you wonder what animal may have done it. The options typically vary from raccoons to bears. While homeowners may not want to believe a bear could venture so far into their neighborhood, it’s very likely to happen given how many subdivisions are built near woods. Junk Angel, an Orlando junk removal company, understands the risks involved if pests continue to go through your trash at night. Homeowners obviously don’t want these pests entering their neighborhood using their trash as a late night snack, so Junk Angel has gathered a few tips to help pest-proof your trash.


  • Trash bin shed: Keeping your trash bins stored in a trash or horizontal shed eliminates any exposure your trash cans already had. Pests are unable to access them and have no way of tipping them or picking through their contents. The downside to trash bin sheds is on trash day they’re removed from their security and vulnerable that night until pickup, so they aren’t protected all the time.
  • Fence in the Trash: This option is more hands-on and requires the time and effort to build the enclosure. The benefit of building your own fence around your trash bins is that you can make it just the right size you need. If done correctly, the enclosure could even be more reliable than a horizontal shed, as it can be built with stronger materials than the sheds are made of.
  • Large trash cart: Some counties already require the use of these trash carts for homeowners, but if you aren’t required to use these, it’s a good idea to invest in them. Their large size makes them difficult for smaller pests, like raccoons, to knock them over. Aside from providing pest protection, trash carts also hold a lot more trash than smaller bins. Orlando junk removal companies know this limits the number of cans that could potentially be overturned with the contents spread across your yard.


Junk Angel has been doing its part in Orlando junk removal for years and understands the need to protect your trash from pests. These options can help you pest-proof your garbage and keep contents intact longer than they normally would be in regular trash bins. For any further questions about junk removal, contact Junk Angel at 1-888-80ANGEL.

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