Pricing Your Junk Removal Services

Junk removal is a customer oriented business. When a customer is requesting our services, they are asking us to help them with a task that is too difficult for them to handle on their own. Entrepreneurs looking to get into the industry should note that pricing is key in these situations. Pricing your services too high will send customers away to other competitors, and pricing your services too low will leave you struggling to cover costs.

To find a good balance of pricing and upkeep, it is wise to look at seasoned veterans in the industry with a track record of success. Junk Angel has prepared a list of important factors to consider when you determine the pricing of your Orlando junk removal services:

Vehicle operating – operational costs, insurance, and maintenance are all regular expenses you will invest in the operation of your vehicles. When thinking about charges for your customers, consider the distance traveled, amount of time for vehicle usage, the amount of stops being made to charities, recycling centers and landfills, and if more than one trip is required.

Who you will send – each job will be different and will only need a certain amount of people to be sent to complete it. Consider if the job will require more than one person to complete. If it is as simple as loading up a single piece of furniture, it can probably be handled by just one so you can save on employee expenses.

Time spent at the job – some jobs will require an extended period of time spent using your services. When talking with a customer about a job like this, factor in an hourly rate. Be sure to get as much information as you can from the customer from the start and provide a price that will cover unexpected surprises.

Recycling center and landfill fees – certain items will come with extra fees to be properly disposed of. Include such fees in your pricing.

Residual revenue from junk – sometimes junk you remove from a job can be salvaged to make some extra money for you. Discarded appliances can still hold value in their working parts and furniture can be sold on Craigslist to gain some extra income.

Make sure to give Junk Angel a call for a free Orlando junk removal estimate.

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