The Proper Way to Dispose of Glass

Sometimes, it’s the things we assume others know how to do right that can affect us the most. Whenever something breaks and glass inevitably shatters everywhere, most people do their best to sweep it all up and toss it in the trash. Not only can glass cause cuts on people that aren’t cautious enough, it can end up anywhere once it breaks or ends up in the trash. The Orlando junk removal professionals at Junk Angel want to homeowners to be mindful of everyone when disposing of any form of glass, broken or not. All it takes is for that glass to get out and potentially harm a neighbor, local garbage collector, pet, or child.

Glass can break in several ways throughout our daily lives. Whether it’s dinnerware, jars, or windows, the risks are all around us, and you should be ready to know the correct ways in properly disposing of it. When glass breaks, it doesn’t shatter into multiple small pieces, but, instead, breaks into all shapes and sizes. Larger pieces should carefully be gathered up, placed into a towel and broken down into smaller, more manageable pieces. Once this is accomplished, take the remains and place them in a box. Fill that box with any kind of stuffing, maybe an old rag or newspaper. As long as the contents aren’t moving once the box is sealed, it should be fine. Don’t use basic scotch tape to seal the box. Instead, use something stronger. Mark the box notifying anyone that the contents aren’t safe to open and could be harmful if opened. Discard the box in your trash can.

Larger unbroken glass items that you no longer want to keep shouldn’t be carelessly tossed into the trash either. Junk Angel can offer some Orlando junk removal advice in a couple ways to avoid throwing away whole pieces of glass. Glass items like serveware, lamps, and vases that are still in good condition can be donated and passed on to someone else who will find a use for them. There’s no need for them to wind up in a landfill if someone can make use out of it in their own home. For other whole glass items like empty food jars, they can be recycled, helping improve the environment by reusing these items instead of tossing them.

It’s important to dispose of harmful items the right way. If you’re too cautious about handling glass in your home, broken or whole, then Junk Angel is the Orlando junk removal company for you. Just call us at 888-802-6435, and we’ll have a crew taking care of your glass for you in no time.

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