How to Properly Clean Up an Unauthorized Encampment Site

rock-n-heim-848778_960_720Encampment sites are an unfortunate result of abandoned buildings or foreclosed homes. Whether the building is commercial or residential, the homeless are likely to set up camp and reside in these buildings. By staying in them for an extended period of time, the homeless create several problems. Safety, health and fire hazards are all major issues once the encampment has cleared out. Naturally these sites must be contained and thoroughly cleaned out before the issues spread. Junk Angel, an Orlando small dumpster rental business, has some tips on how to clean up these sites.


If you’re neighboring an abandoned home you believe is being inhabited or notice a place has turned into an encampment site, your best plan of action is to notify the authorities. The longer the encampment site stays active, the larger it can grow in some people and junk they bring in. Bad odors, fire hazards, and disturbances are among a list of things that can occur in an encampment site and potentially affect your home. Don’t delay to say something and have the place emptied quickly.

Clean Up

As abandoned buildings are not owned by anyone, people often wonder how the encampment site will be cleaned up. These buildings can be riddled with various hazards like glass, needles, and nails. Without taking care of this problem, these hazards create serious health risks. It’s up to municipalities to fix the problem and return it to a safe environment. Junk Angel can be hired to clean up these unauthorized sites and help remove any hazardous materials. Any non-hazardous materials can quickly be tossed into one of their Orlando small dumpster rentals.

Encampment Removal

Not all encampments are located in commercial or residential buildings. In some cases, they’re structures that were built together using tents and various parts or garbage. These structures are a danger because they aren’t secure and pose several health issues. When the time comes, and the encampment has been cleared out, Junk Angel also offers their services to clean up these unauthorized sites.

Municipalities deal with encampment sites often and know what risks they pose to everyone. Unfortunately, these unauthorized sites will continue to pop up and create more hazards. By offering their junk removal services and Orlando small dumpster rentals, Junk Angel has made sure to do their part in reducing the number of encampment sites. When the time comes, and an encampment site needs cleaning, contact the Junk Angel professionals at 1-888-80ANGEL.

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