Quit Putting it Off: Organize Your Garage

Garages tend to become storage spaces for more than just our cars. Workshop tools, lawn care appliances, sports equipment and so much more are commonly stored in the garage. Over time, the amount of junk thrown in the garage can accumulate to the point where it is impossible to move through it. Before this happens you should take control of the junk in your garage and follow these steps recommended by your Orlando junk removal specialists to reorganize it into a useful storage area.

Schedule Your Cleaning Time – try to get consecutive days and plan to work in dry weather since the stuff you will keep will still spend some time outside of the garage.

Clean it as a Team – hire experts or gather friends and family to help relieve the amount of stress that comes with a big cleaning.

Organize What You Keep – categorize the items that are going to be stored in the garage once the junk has been removed. Storing items in sections based on categories will make them easier to find in the future.

Sort the Junk – take what you are not going to keep and separate them into sections for donations, recycling, and trash. Once they are separated, set them aside in bins or bags to be taken care of later.

Plan the New Layout – once you have taken inventory on what you are keeping, think about how much you use the items and plan your garage layout that will help you get to what you use more often. Installing cabinets and getting storage bins will help to keep smaller items in one place and help to keep things out of the way of walk-space.

When you are finished cleaning out your garage and need the junk hauled away, call the Orlando junk removal professionals at Junk Angel to get the job done at (888) 80ANGEL. We have experience handling and disposing of all kinds of garage junk and will take donation items to the nearest appropriate donation facility. Call us today for a free quote on your junk removal needs.

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