Removing Junk the Eco-Friendly Way

When we have large amounts of junk piled up in our homes, most of us would love to just throw all of it into a few trash cans and haul it to the curb without a second thought. However, many old household appliances and electronics can be hazardous to the environment if they are not disposed of properly. Eco-friendly Orlando junk removal is not hard, and the long term benefits it offers will be felt by future generations for the part we play today.

To help you make the first steps towards eco-friendly junk removal, Junk Angel has compiled a quick list of some easy ways you can make your next junk haul more eco-friendly:

  • Take the Time to Sort: Separating your items into easily identifiable bins will help make sure each item is disposed of in the most efficient way possible. This includes bins for recyclable items and bins for items that will be donated or sold. Giving items that can still be used now will shorten the amount of time they spend in a landfill.
  • Research Options: If you are not sure what items can be recycled, or where you can take items to be donated, do a little research to find out. Local schools and churches are a good place to start, as many of them take donations in one form or another. Stores like Best Buy are a good place to safely dispose electronics.
  • Be Aware of Hazardous Items: Items like paint, pesticides, and batteries have to be disposed of properly to avoid damaging to the environment. Your local hazardous waste sites should have detailed information on these items and what you should do.

Once you have everything sorted and ready for hauling, call the Orlando junk removal professionals at Junk Angel to finish the job. We have the expertise to safely handle and properly dispose of all kinds of materials. Junk Angel will also haul items you want to donate to the nearest appropriate facility. Call us today at (888)-80ANGEL to get a quote on your junk removal service.

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