Rent a Dumpster for Moving Day!

Millions of Americans move each year. With such a high annual number of movers, that means lots of items must be gone through, and homeowners have to decide whether to keep them or not. Moving ends up forcing you to clean everything out as you have no choice because everything must go before you move. This entire process may overwhelm homeowners with so much work to do before they can even move into their new home. Fortunately, Junk Angel, an Orlando small dumpster rental company, has a solution for you, as renting a dumpster leading up to your big move will greatly decrease stress and help make the entire process much easier on you. By following three simple steps, you can make the move go faster and more efficient.



  • Keep: Go through every room in your home and pick out the essentials. There’s always going to be things you will need to keep for when you move into your new home. From furniture to appliances, these items should be set aside knowing they’ll be placed in the moving truck for when the big day comes. By going through each room thoroughly, you will make the rest of the move easier on yourself.




  • Toss: Once you’ve decided which belongings you must keep, the second step is easy. By process of elimination, you’ve already set aside what items you no longer need and can throw them away. The trash process can be time-consuming as this is when homeowners find lots of things they didn’t realize they had as the entire home is being cleared out in preparation for moving day. Old items are discovered, and maybe new decisions need to be made on whether they want to keep some of these newfound items. During the process, the trash items shouldn’t be thrown into a pile and tossed out later. Instead, the best method is to invest in an Orlando small dumpster rental. By having a small dumpster rental at the ready, all your items can easily be thrown out and you won’t have to make several trips to the curb. As your trash is removed, the amount of items still within your home will become less overwhelming.




  • Donate: This third step is optional, as no one can force you to donate any of your items. But, as you clear out your home, you’ll inevitably find you have several items that are in great condition but you no longer use them. From clothing to furniture, many items you don’t need anymore have donating potential. Also, keep in mind that although you don’t need it anymore doesn’t mean someone else won’t find it useful either.



Don’t make the moving process any more difficult on you than it has to be. Junk Angel offers Orlando small dumpster rentals that will help everything go smoothly. If you have a big move coming up and need a dumpster rental, call Junk Angel at 407-476-0208.

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