The Risks of Hiring an Unlicensed Junk Hauler

You may have seen ads on the side of the road, or perhaps on Craigslist offering Orlando junk removal services. Yet, there’s no name or indication that they are with a legitimate company. This may mean that you’ve come across an unlicensed junk hauler.


Accepting help from these low-key, un-established operations could be very risky. Here are several reasons why you should always look for a legitimate and licensed company.


  • While an unlicensed junk hauler may offer very cheap prices, they will probably be less than professional. For example, they may not come properly equipped for the job. It may just be one guy and a truck, which will definitely waste your time. Professional Orlando junk removal companies are supported by teams of workers and have proper transportation.


  • Property damage and theft could be an issue when dealing with an unlicensed hauler. If your home gets damaged in the process, who is going to pay? If you find that they have stolen something from your residence, there might not be contact person who takes complaints. A licensed company would already have a procedure for handling complaints.


  • When you hire a no-name junk hauler, you don’t have a chance to learn anything about their reputation. You will not know whether previous customers brought grievances against them. With a licensed company, you have the opportunity to research them and read reviews prior to hiring them.


  • The biggest reason that you should hire a licensed and bonded professional is one simple word: INSURANCE. If the unlicensed and uninsured person with the truck gets injured, you could end up entangled in a lawsuit. Licensed junk removal companies are fully insured.


Don’t risk safety and security by calling an illegitimate “junk hauler.” Call the licensed professionals at Junk Angel. We provide Orlando junk removal services to commercial and residential clients with big and small jobs. We not only clear out clutter, but we also handle every step of the process, from pick-up to disposal. Call us today at 1-888-80ANGEL or 1-888-802-6435.




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