How to Safely Dispose of Batteries

battery-1071317_640Batteries are a source of quick and easy power, but when they go kaput, it’s time for disposal. Battery type helps determine the disposal method. Some batteries can be tossed in the trash, while others require careful handling by a junk removal service from the team at Junk Angel.

Dry-Cell Alkaline Batteries

Dry-cell batteries are used to power everything from wireless devices, to flashlights, and toys. You may have a collection of AAs and other batteries in your home, which is pretty typical for most households. Until the 1990s, these batteries contained toxic metals such as cadmium, lead, and mercury. Thankfully, those metals were replaced with magnesium, steel, and zinc, making them less harmful to the environment and people.

You may be able to toss these batteries into the trash along with other garbage. However, some counties consider all batteries hazardous waste, so check your local regulations before throwing anything away. Cover each battery end with a small strip of tape as a fire hazard precaution. Alternatively, you can take them to a recycling center that accepts batteries.

Rechargeable Batteries

Take care of the environment and never put a rechargeable battery into a garbage can. Rechargeable batteries contain nickel cadmium, a substance that contaminates soil and water when it leaks out of discarded batteries. These must be taken to your local battery collection facility.

E-Device Batteries

While some communities may not specify how to dispose of batteries used in digital electronics, such as those used in cell phones, they are typically not allowed in landfills. Cell phone batteries are often rechargeable, and they should be recycled using standard safety precautions.

Car Batteries and General Large Batteries

Under no circumstances should you throw away car batteries, or large batteries, in the regular trash. These batteries contain toxic lead-acid, and communities don’t want them in landfills where they harm the environment. Always recycle lead-acid batteries.

Need Help Disposing of Batteries?

Whether you have small or large batteries that you want to dispose of, Junk Angel can take them off your hands. Our junk removal experts are happy to haul away old cell phones, laptops, computers, gadgets, toys, and anything else that contains batteries.


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