Set up Boundaries Against Future Junk

allef-vinicius-468838After you’ve done the hard work of clearing out your home, you’ll want to enjoy the fruits of your labor. That means changing your habits so you don’t want to have to de-junk on a regular basis. The checklist below is a great way to start!

Live by the one-in/one-out rule

Whenever you bring something new into your house, get rid of something you already own. This prevents you from constantly accumulating things and keeps your home in balance.

Respect the difference between wants and needs

Everyone wants the latest fashion electronic trends, but purchasing the ‘best’ or newest version means you constantly acquire unnecessary clutter. Buy only what you truly need to keep belongings to a minimum.

Stick to a budget

Develop a budget guard against spending money on useless things. Then work toward saving money for something you truly want, like a new car or a new wardrobe.

Make a list

Keep a list in your kitchen of items you’re running out of, and take that list every time you head to the supermarket. Stick to it as closely as possible. Lists keep you disregard the excess and focus on the items you need.

Limit collections

Seasoned collectors know it’s best to limit yourself. When you “collect” too much, your house may look more like a junk shop. Curate collections, and think carefully about everything you bring home.

Ask the right questions

Get into the habit of asking yourself these important questions every time you’re tempted to spend money on anything: can I afford it? Am I buying it to fill an emotional need rather than an actual need? Do I have something similar that I’m not using? Will it be useful, bring me long-term joy, or be a beautiful addition to my home?

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