Shrub Stump Removal Guide

Perhaps you’ve bought a new property with some unsightly trees and shrubbery. Maybe that avocado tree you planted 20 years ago is no longer giving you want you want. In any case, you have a stump and it needs to be gone. This guide will show you how to take care of the problem on your own, but if you find yourself in need of Orlando yard waste removal services, you know who to contact.

  • Preparation: As with any project that you’re about to embark on, preparation is key. For this task, you’re going to need the following items: a shovel with a rounded end, an ax or other sharp tool to cut roots, and some gloves and glasses for protection. Whenever the professionals at Junk Angel are tasked with Orlando yard waste removal, they always come prepared, and so should you.
  • Using Your Tools: Be careful when handling your tools, particularly when swinging them, as a blow by any of these could lead to serious injuries. Begin the process by digging out the dirt that is closest to the stump, creating a divot in the ground and revealing the main roots. You should be able to use the shovel and your body weight to break apart some of the roots. If not, you can bring in the ax to do the job. Always be mindful if how you’re using these heavy-duty tools. If you find yourself becoming uncomfortable with your ax, it might be wise to contact the Orlando yard waste removal specialists at Junk Angel to help you finish the task.
  • Removal: Once all roots are severed, use the shovel to create leverage and remove the stump out of the ground. There will be remaining bits of root in the soil, but those should degrade over time. You’re going to want to haul this material out to an appropriate dumpsite, as most neighborhoods do not have the proper dumpsters for green junk removal.

As you can see, the process of removing a shrub isn’t very complicated, but it requires significant manual labor, proper tool use, and hauling to be done correctly. If you’re looking for Orlando yard waste removal of your shrub stumps or more, give us a call at 1-888-80ANGEL or contact us online for a quote.


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