Spring Cleaning Spotlight: Deep Cleaning the Kitchen

Orlando Trash RemovalWith so much time spent in the kitchen, it’s often the one room that is overlooked when it comes to spring cleaning. This year, make your kitchen a room you want to be in. Take a weekend to clean every nook and cranny and make your kitchen feel brand new.

To start, gather your cleaning supplies. This should include a mop, broom, spray cleaner, floor cleaner, sponges, rags, paper towels, trash bags, and empty boxes.

Drawers and Cabinets

Remove everything from your kitchen and sort it into piles: keep, donate, and toss. Then wipe down the insides and outsides of cabinets and drawers, and return only items you decide to keep, organizing as you go. You can donate usable, unopened food packages to your local food pantry. You can even take this time to transfer baking ingredients like sugar and flour into plastic containers. This will keep the ingredients fresh and  pests out.

Fridge and Freezer

Empty the refrigerator and freezer, tossing any foods that have expired and leftovers older than three days. Wash removable shelves and drawers in soapy water, and wipe down the inside and outside of each appliance. Then return usable food items.


Clean the inside and outside of large and small appliances, including the stove, oven, dishwasher, microwave, toaster, and coffee maker. If necessary, pull appliances away from walls to clean around and behind them.

Floors, Walls, Counters and Ceiling

Clean the ceiling with a long-handled mop. Wipe down walls, light switches, and electrical outlets. Clean countertops, windows and sills, and the sink. Sweep and mop floors, scrubbing corners if necessary.

If you’re looking for a change, take advantage of your clean and organized kitchen with a fresh coat of paint. Then add a new piece of artwork or wall decoration to go with your kitchen’s new style!

Let Us Haul

You’re probably going to have a lot of junk to throw away after you clean your kitchen. Call us to come pick it up so you don’t have to haul it to the curb or even wait until trash day to get rid of it. At Junk Angel, we take care of your Orlando trash removal needs.

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