Spring Cleaning Spotlight: Yard Cleanup

benjamin-combs-27617-unsplashBefore the summer heat rolls in, do the hard work in your yard and set yourself up for a successful summer. Junk Angel provides Orlando temporary dumpster rentals in various sizes to help you collect and dispose of any organic debris that results from cleaning up your yard.

Clear Any Litter

The first step is to pick up any trash that may have blown into your yard. This includes animal feces from strays and careless neighbors. (It’s important to remember that you can’t compost dog and cat feces because it contains pathogens. For this same reason, do not leave it in your yard.) Rake up dead leaves, pinecones, and other organic material from flower beds and your lawn. Deep, vigorous raking will help prevent thatch buildup in grass. In addition, trim dead leaves and stalks on perennials.

Prune Trees and Shrubs

Let nature guide you when pruning trees and shrubs. Scrape off some bark to reveal what’s underneath: Brown indicates a dead limb that should be removed; green indicates life and new growth.

Prepare Flower Beds

Pull all weeds and add compost to bare flower beds to nourish the soil before you plant annuals. You can also apply compost to your lawn, shrubs, and trees.


The best fertilizer is your own composted material. Since it comes from nature, it works perfectly, and you never have to worry about burning your plants with it. If natural compost isn’t available, carefully choose a fertilizer. Consult an expert at a local nursery to get information and advice based on your yard and garden’s specific needs.

Monitor Mulch

Keep a close eye on perennials as the weather warms to see if they’re starting to push through the ground. Clear away the mulch covering them so that they can emerge unhindered. However, make sure to monitor the weather, and re-cover them at night to protect them from freezing temperatures.

Let Us Help

When you’re ready to tackle your yard’s spring cleaning, ask Junk Angel about Orlando temporary dumpster rentals. We’ll drop off a dumpster and retrieve it when you’re done cleaning your yard.

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