Start Prepping Now With a Spring Cleaning Checklist

The end of winter is rapidly approaching and spring is on the horizon. Family, friends, and visitors have come and gone, leaving your home a wreck. For some homeowners, the whirlwind of junk left behind and items that require cleaning is worse than others. Taking on such a difficult task can make most homeowners want to give up before they’ve even started. Junk Angel specializes in Orlando junk removal and has great ways you can get ahead on your spring cleaning. In creating a spring cleaning checklist, you’ll have a better idea of where to start and how long each task will take you to complete. Breaking things down to a checklist helps keep you from becoming overwhelmed and almost guarantees you’ll reach your goal.


Entire House

Before getting started on the specifics, Junk Angel, an Orlando junk removal company, advises homeowners to focus on the house as a whole. Many rooms have some of the same features, like windows and window curtains, ceiling fans, light switches, and carpets. Going around the house and cleaning all the windows, dusting the ceiling fans, vacuuming and mopping the floors, and dusting away cobwebs will keep you from getting slowed down if you choose to do them all first. Once they’re all taken care of, you won’t have to worry about starting each room from scratch because you’ve already done the essentials.



Clean your kitchen appliances as well as any appliance that may not have been cleaned in awhile. Some may even require thorough scrubbing, as your oven and microwave were most likely used often during the holiday season. Also, take the time to clean areas you normally wouldn’t think of cleaning like behind your refrigerator and inside it.


Bed and Bathrooms

At this point in the year, your bed and bathrooms could probably use a good cleaning. Organizing all drawers, bedroom closets, and linen closets will have you ready for the next holiday season well in advance. Even the less glamorous tasks need to be done like cleaning the toilet, sink, and tub.


Living Rooms

Using a small rag and all-purpose cleaner will go a long way in rooms that have lots of picture frames. Dust gathers on the tops of frames and even settles on the glass, causing it and the picture to appear dirty. Once those are cleaned, move onto the TVs and wipe them clean as well.
It may seem like a long checklist to accomplish, but taking on each task one at a time will help you get through them all. If at some point you realize the amount of junk is just too much to handle on your own, then Junk Angel, the best Orlando junk removal company, would be more than happy to help you. There’s no item too large or small that we can’t handle. Call us at 888-802-6435, and we’ll be there in no time.

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