Summer Cleaning Tips

adult-blur-clean-545014Summer is finally here, and that means the entire family is spending more time at home each day. Unfortunately, all that relaxation and summer fun can take a toll on your house, making it dirty quicker than any other season. Though working with an Orlando junk removal team will help you get rid of piles of clutter, regular cleaning will help keep your home looking its best long after the clutter is hauled away. Here are a few simple tips to make summer housekeeping a breeze.

Get the Family Involved

Tackling an entire house on your own is always overwhelming. Instead of working on each room alone, get others involved. Encourage your kids to pick up their rooms and get in the habit of putting their toys away in common areas as soon as they’re done. As for the adults and older kids, assign more difficult household chores to take care of each week. You can rotate through them so one person isn’t always stuck with dish duty.

Start Cleaning Early

Early mornings are always going to be cooler than the afternoon, so it’s a great time to start your weekly deep clean. Open the windows for fresh air, have a cup of coffee, and get to work. Take care of physical tasks like sweeping the floors and scrubbing surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms as early as possible. This way, you’ll stay cool even while you’re working hard.

Establish Good Habits

The easiest house to clean is one that’s already tidy. Instead of leaving dishes, cookware, books, and newspapers strewn about the house, get into the habit of picking them up once you’re done using them. This will help keep your home looking less cluttered.

Clean Messes Before They Set

Summer is the undisputed season for grilling, but all that time spent outdoors cooking over coals can leave a lot of buildup on the grill grates. Instead of waiting until the following day after the grill has cooled, clean the grates that evening. When the grill is still warm, the residue is easier to remove. Use a stiff wire brush to scrape away the grime.

If after all your cleaning efforts, you find that you have way more stuff than you know what to do with, contact Junk Angel. Our friendly Orlando junk removal team will haul away your unwanted stuff so you can relax and enjoy the summer. Fill out our service request form today.

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