Teach Your Children about Recycling

Recycling is an important task that should be done by everyone in order to best preserve the environment. The best way to ensure this continues to get done correctly is by teaching it to children. The earlier they learn, the more they’ll understand how important it is to recycle whenever possible. Junk Angel, an Orlando junk removal company, knows how important recycling is to the environment and teaching these facts to children will benefit everyone’s future as they’ll be the ones to continue using this knowledge in the future.


  • Recycle the basics: The basics include paper, glass, plastic, and metal. These materials are used in many items and are, therefore, among the most popular items to recycle. Nearly all forms of paper can be recycled, including cardboard, and this is an easy basic rule to teach to your children. Additionally, many materials commonly found in the grocery store can be recycled into their respective categories. Soda cans are made of aluminum, several jars are made of glass, and numerous containers are made of plastic. All these items are recyclable and can easily be identified by children.
  • Recyclables aren’t always recycled: Unfortunately, just because something can be recycled doesn’t always mean it will be. Metal materials and paper are the most commonly recycled items among recyclables. Plastic and glass materials are a different story and aren’t recycled nearly as much, with only a twenty-five percent recycling rate. In order to raise that percentage, children should be educated to do their part in proper Orlando junk removal.
  • Recycling makes manufacturing easy: Through recycling, products can be made more easily than they would be if they were being made without recycled items. Creating items without recyclables requires much more energy and can potentially cause pollution from gases being emitted from factories. Using recycled metals and paper drastically reduces the cost of energy and pollution during the manufacturing process.
  • We lose trees if we don’t recycle: In order to accommodate the large amounts of paper the U.S. uses every year, trees are specifically harvested for paper purposes. The more paper that’s recycled, the less energy it’ll take to manufacture more. It’s even estimated that every ton recycled amounts to roughly fifteen trees that will go untouched.


Junk Angel understands that when it comes to waste and garbage, not everything can be recycled and may even require an Orlando junk removal team. But the goal is to recycle what you can when you can. Teaching these principles to your children will inform them about the importance of recycling and what occurs when it isn’t done. For any more information on recycling or junk removal, contact Junk Angel at 888-802-6435.

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