Things You Should Be Recycling

Sometimes, when something doesn’t work or is no longer needed, you’ll want to just throw it away. It’s important to remember that some of these disposable items need to be set aside from the rest of the garbage and trash removal in Orlando to be recycled. When we think about recycling, the first things that come to our minds are newspapers, plastic containers, aluminum cans, glass bottles, cardboard, and so on. However, there are a few common household items that we don’t think about recycling when we really should. Here are just a few items that should be recycled, not thrown in the garbage:


  • CDs and DVDs. Once you’re done moving your old videos and data to a more convenient storage device, you need to properly dispose of your CDs and DVDs. They, and their packaging, are both made of plastic, and should be recycled just like plastic bottles.
  • Batteries. Most devices have rechargeable batteries these days, but there are still some devices that operate using disposable batteries. Almost all batteries are recyclable, and you can take old rechargeable batteries and old electronic devices like cell phones to a drop off location near you, to be properly disposed.  Be sure to collect these items when you’re seeking trash removal in Orlando.
  • Packing peanuts. Those polystyrene packaging peanuts are widely believed to be non recyclable and useless once your valuable goods are safely delivered. However, The Plastic Loose Fill Council has made it their mission to collect packing peanuts to be reused. Go online to search for a drop off location near you.
  • Corks. Don’t stop at recycling the glass bottles that your wine came in, recycle the corks too. Just like the packing peanuts, there is a company called ReCork whose mission it is to collect corks to be reused.
  • Water filters. When you are done enjoying some fresh water from your Brita filter, don’t forget to recycle the filters themselves. Mail off the filter to Brita or drop it off at your local Whole Foods to be properly disposed.


Proper recycling practices have a significant impact on the environment and every living organism. By recycling the above items properly, you’re taking a necessary step in reducing humanity’s carbon footprint. There are also other, larger household objects that require specialized removal. To remove these items, contact Junk Angel, your go-to experts on trash removal in Orlando. Just leave it where it lies, and we’ll come do the rest. For more information call us at 1-800-80ANGEL today.


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