This Old Couch

sofa-1838133_640Hi there! My name is Percy, and I’m the family couch. I’ve been a part of this family since 1971 when my owner first brought me home. I was the finishing touch for his first apartment, and he knew my fashionable, orange and yellow paisley print would impress his girlfriend. I was there the first time they snuggled with a scary movie on. It wasn’t long before date nights turned into a marriage, and we moved from that small apartment to a new house together. I was there for the housewarming party, and having all those people around really made me feel useful and happy.

With the new house came new changes. First came a puppy. The house was always busy, and the puppy would sneak up onto my cushions when no one was around to chase him away. Then came the baby, and I swiftly became the best spot to sit, especially for those long afternoon naps as a family. I had spit up cleaned off my upholstery more than once, and as the puppy and the baby grew, my cushions wore thin. That was when I got a brand new couch cover. I felt like a new me! I proudly wore my yellow and red stripes to keep the room bright and cheery. 

I still had a lot to do when it came to keeping the family comfy. The baby grew up and would climb all over me. When she was a teenager, she’d toss her feet up on my arm and talk on the phone for hours. My owners would still sit on me to relax and watch TV each night, and guests loved leaning back into my comfortable pillows.

The years passed. My owners eventually had grandkids who came to stay, and they climbed all over me — just like their mother did when she was little. I had grape juice spilled on me last week, and it doesn’t seem to be coming out. Though I love my family, I’m just so tired. I can feel the springs in my cushions starting to come loose and even my cover is starting to rip. When someone sits on me, I groan and creak at them so they know just how grumpy I’m feeling.

When the new couch came to stay, it was a relief! I finally had someone to pass my job to. Now I’m enjoying retirement and sitting in the sun, having gone for a wonderful ride to the countryside in an Orlando junk removal truck. I know I did a good job for my family, but I’m so happy I get to go to the junk yard where I can rest.

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