This Old Lamp

pexels-photo-209681Have you ever wondered what your lamp thinks as you turn it on and off day after day? As a lamp, I can tell you there’s nothing I love more than illuminating a dark room or watching as you flip through your favorite book for the thousandth time. And that’s what I did for the last twenty years as my family’s beloved table lamp. My name is Lennox, but you can call me Lenny.

When my owners brought me home from the store, I was the best table lamp they had ever seen! They decided to put me on the surface of a small side table next to their bed. When the turned the switch for the first time, my smooth fabric shade cast the perfect amount of light. A few months later, when they realized the brightness of my bulb was adjustable, they were even more thrilled with my skills.

The table and I became great friends. We’d nap together during the day and come to life when our owners caught up on their favorite TV shows or settled down with a new book. Night time was always my favorite — it meant I could really be of use!

After a few years, I was moved to the living room, where I got to see a whole new side of my family’s life. They’d turn me on as soon as the sun went down, and leave my bulb burning bright while they played games at the coffee table. A few years later, I was moved to a table in the foyer, where I was responsible for keeping the house lit while my family was gone. When they came home and saw my light shining throughout the room, they knew they were safe.

My family found a way to keep my light shining without costing so much on their electricity bill. I was first fitted with a halogen bulb, but the bright white light was a bit too harsh for my taste. Then they found an LED bulb that kept me cool and comfortable while making my light even brighter in the room. Everyone loved it!

As I got older, my switch started to go, and it became harder for me to turn the light on. My family decided that it was time for me to move to the upstairs hallway, where I could light the way for kids at night. Though I wasn’t part of the hustle and bustle, I was still useful and it made me proud. As my bulbs started to burn out more frequently, the family gave me a helper — a shiny new floor lamp who I’ve now passed the torch to for good. Now, I finally get to rest, having served my family for many years, knowing that someone else will keep their house bright.

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