It’s Time to Clean Out the Attic

light-843479_640Because they’re not part of our everyday living space, attics can easily become dumping grounds for the junk we don’t want to deal with. However, knowing your attic is clean, organized, and clutter-free is the first step to feeling relaxed at home.

Time it Right

Every Floridian knows that going anywhere near your attic during the summer is a definite no-no. If it’s 90 degrees outside, it’s closer to 130 degrees above your ceiling. The winter months are the perfect time to venture into your attic and rid it of unnecessary junk.

Clear the Debris

Attics are often receptacles for unseemly things like rodents and bugs (both alive and dead), mold and mildew, cobwebs, and lots of dirt. Before you begin to sort through the storage, sweep, vacuum, and even mop to start off with a clean slate. Call in an exterminator or a mold remediation specialist if a problem is too big to deal with on your own.

Adopt a Strategy

Move boxes, bins, and individual items into one staging area. Group similar things, and as you sort, consolidate and remove as many extraneous containers as possible. Move the items you want to keep into a permanent home elsewhere.

Store it Right

Since intense heat can warp and rot natural materials like wood and cardboard, invest in metal shelves and plastic bins. These materials are not only sturdy but will also keep bugs and mildew at bay. In addition, storing items neatly helps prevent another future cleanout.

Label Everything

Attach a label to every container so you know what’s in it. Looking for your favorite coat or the kids’ ski boots before heading on winter vacation? Labels will save you time and frustration.

Dump the Junk

You’ll undoubtedly end up with items you want to sell, give away, or discard. Consider renting a temporary dumpster to haul away anything you no longer want taking up valuable space in your freshly cleaned attic.

Keep it Clean

After you’ve finished cleaning and organizing, it’s important to stay neat. Think carefully about each item you consider keeping. If it’s something you’re packing away simply because you don’t use it or even like it anymore, it may be time to part with the item for good.

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