Tiny House Living: Downsizing to Live in a Converted Shipping Container

dock-441989_640Shipping containers are no longer just for shipping; there’s a growing trend of repurposing shipping containers into livable “tiny homes.” Creating a tiny home requires strategic design, building permits from your local community, and of course, the inevitable clean-out as you decide about what to keep and what to say goodbye to forever.

Ready to go, but don’t know where to start? Use the following tips as a downsizing guide, and don’t forget to secure a small dumpster rental to make cleaning out a breeze.

Get Rid of Excess Clothing

Clothing takes up a lot of space, and when going through your closet and drawers, you’ll probably find clothes you haven’t worn for a while. Take the next month to come up with new outfits every day, and don’t reuse pieces; at the end of the month, you’ll see the pieces that you kept pushing to the back and never wanted to wear, and now you know what you won’t miss. Keep timeless clothing pieces that easily coordinate together, especially solid neutrals, and donate the rest to charity.

Say No to Bulky Furnishings

Converted container rooms have limited space, and there’s no room for bulky furniture. Careful thought goes into every piece of furniture in a container home. Think Murphy beds, vertical storage, and flexible, multipurpose furniture with built-ins. Excess furniture that won’t fit your new digs should be donated or junked.

Give Books the Boot

Your massive book collection should be whittled down to favorites, reference books, and rare books that are hard to find, if there’s space in the new home for them. Many novels and information books are available in digital form, and you can enjoy reading them on a portable digital tablet that requires no bookcase.

Give Away or Sell Those CDs and DVDs

In the age of streaming services, there’s no longer a need for space-hogging CD and DVD collections. Give away music and movies in these formats to friends who want them, and you can try selling the rest. If no one wants them, feel free to toss them in the dumpster.

Part Ways with Junky Memorabilia

Memorabilia you never pay attention to or use is just taking up space, so decide if the memorabilia you own is trash or treasure.

Not Using Exercise or Sports Equipment? Out It Goes

Can you throw unused exercise and sports equipment into an Orlando small dumpster rental? Sure. Whatever you can’t sell or give away should be tossed in a sturdy dumpster.

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