Tips for Your Next Move

Moving is a time consuming and tiresome task. Thankfully, it’s a task that we don’t have to complete regularly; however, the weeks leading up to a move, and following your relocation, are extremely draining.


Moving is a mentally and physically tiresome task. Organizing and compiling the items that you want to take with you and separating what’s left is stressful and overwhelming. Follow these easy steps from your favorite Orlando junk removal service to help relieve stress before, during, and after the moving process, helping you to ease into your new home:


  • Organize the goods. Use your moving time as a spring-cleaning, of sorts. Sort out what is worth keeping and what should be thrown away. Doing this before boxing will save on time and energy when it comes to packaging and moving. It will also save you time in unpacking items that you no longer want or need, ensuring that you have less junk to pile up at the end of your new driveway.
  • Contact estate sales companies. If certain unwanted items are still in good condition, consider using an estate sale company to manage their removal. This is especially helpful for sorting out furniture that is in good condition but will not be moved to the new home.
  • Make a system. Once you’ve determined what you want to keep, make sure to package them in an organized manner. Mark boxes with names and/or numbers and make a checklist so you know where everything is. This will make it easy to keep track of which box holds which items, allowing you to unpack the necessities first.
  • Consider hiring professionals. If some of the items are fragile and you don’t feel comfortable moving them over long distances by yourself, consider hiring door-to-door moving companies. They will guarantee that your belongings are delivered safely.


If you need help getting rid of extra junk and trash on your moving day, hire the professionals at Junk Angel. We will take care of your old and unwanted items so you can worry about your new beginning, stressfree. Call us today to get a free quote on your Orlando junk removal services.


Have you moved recently? What other moving tips do you have? We’d love to share your first-hand experiences with our followers.


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