Tips for Preparing Your Home for Fall and Winter

pexels-photo-277667It’s no secret that Florida stays pretty warm year round, and the fall and winter tend to be relatively mild. Nevertheless, you should take steps to prepare your home for celebrations, visitors, and even the next storm season. This is the perfect time of year to take on any home improvement projects you’ve planned, and it’s also a great time to use a junk removal service like Junk Angel to help you clear out your clutter. Here are some ideas and tips for making your home more appealing, safe, and comfortable.

Clean the Gutters

When was the last time you thought about your rain gutters? Maybe never? They can be easy to forget, but they require periodic maintenance to continue protecting your home from expensive water damage. You should make gutter cleaning a normal part of your fall/winter home maintenance routine. If you have a leaf blower, you can purchase an attachment that makes it safe and easy to reach your gutters. When cleaning gutters the ‘old-fashioned way’ with a ladder, be sure to have someone there holding the ladder to prevent accidental falls.

Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance

You can avoid the discomfort of sweltering in the heat without A/C or shivering at night once the temperature drops, by simply arranging to have your air conditioning and heating checked. If there are problems, this is an ideal time of year to repair or replace HVAC units.

Upgrade Windows and Doors

Weak windows may shatter into pieces, and old doors may suffer permanent damage when fierce storm winds linger around your home. Protecting your possessions from damage is easier when you install storm-resistant windows and doors.

Patch Up Cracks, Gaps, and Holes

A home that leaks energy is costing you extra money that you could be putting toward other necessities. Check windows, doors, and rooms for any signs of cracks, gaps, and holes, and then take steps to seal them tightly.

Fertilize the Lawn

Growing lush, green grass is all about the soil condition, and if your lawn turns dry under the hot sun, adding fertilizer helps it grow in healthier.

Do a Fire Safety Check

Should your home catch fire, thoughtful pre-planning for fire emergencies can be critical to your family’s survival. The basics of home safety include ensuring your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors work properly, and that you have unclogged fire extinguishers and an emergency evacuation plan. Additionally, our Orlando junk removal service can help clear away flammable clutter from your home.


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