The Top 10 Things to Throw Away Today

Sooner or later, most homeowners come to the realization that they will have to start going through their old things and get rid of them. The concept is simple, but actually choosing what to throw out and what to keep is the difficult part. It’s human nature to become attached to certain items, especially those that hold personal or sentimental value to us. However, there are several other old things that should be easily trashed without a second thought. Orlando junk removal companies like Junk Angel understand that letting things go can be difficult, but items that haven’t been touched in months and were forgotten about should be tossed.


  • Apparel and Footwear: It may be hard to donate or throw out old clothes that you once loved to wear, but unless you wear it often now, the chances are you won’t be wearing it anytime soon. Clothing that gets pushed to the back of the closet or shoes that end up on the bottom of a pile typically won’t see the light of day. Be practical and remove them so they aren’t taking up any unnecessary space.
  • Junk Drawer: Many random things end up the junk drawer that we seldom use. Going through this drawer once every other month will help you discard any useless junk. Junk Angel, an Orlando junk removal company, knows most homes have a junk drawer, and once they’re gone through, you wouldn’t believe how much space you have.
  • Books: Books can be found all over homes and several of them have never been read. Make a list of the ones you intend to read in the near future, and discard the rest.
  • Old Paperwork: It’s important to hang onto old documents or payment information. But even those items become pointless to hold onto after a certain time. Critical information from the last two years should be stored in a safe place, but anything else older than that can be trashed.
  • Coffee Mugs: If you’re a big coffee drinker or even tea, then you probably have many mugs to choose from. Chances are, though, that you continually use the same one more often than others. The mugs that go untouched for a month are probably safe to toss.
  • Food Containers: Many plastic containers are reusable, and they are smart to hold onto for storing leftovers, but eventually you end up with too many. Check them for the expiration date it had when the original product was in it, and throw out the oldest ones.
  • Magazine Subscriptions: Magazines can be recycled, but so many times, they’re just stacked on top of each other and gathered on the counter. Just be diligent and recycle them when you have read them or are a month old.
  • Toys: Your kids moved out a while ago, but their old toys are still hanging around. Chances are that many of those toys are either missing pieces or broken. Don’t waste any time discarding these items.
  • Incomplete projects: That ongoing project you’ve been working on for the past several months still isn’t finished. Unfortunately, it probably won’t ever be finished. The materials should be thrown away or scrapped because you just don’t have the time you thought you did to finish it.
  • Chargers: As technology improves, so do our mobile devices. The chargers for these devices usually end up hiding somewhere never to be found again once you’ve moved on to a newer device. When you’re cleaning up and find these old chargers, make the easy decision and throw them out.


These are all items in the home that can help you drastically clean out the old junk from your home. If your house is in greater need of Orlando junk removal, then contact Junk Angel at 1-888-80ANGEL, and our expert staff will take care of your junk for you.

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